It is now indisputable that presence on social

It is now indisputable that presence on social mia is no longer a choice for the company but a duty. Social networks are not only a place for promoting brands but also a means of communication. Direct sales and assistance. Through social customer care the company demonstrates its expertise to users. Encouraging consumer loyalty. Making […]

Each platform provides different methods of interaction

Each platform provides different methods of interaction. For example in the “World” of twitter many companies have creat an account dicat to assistance or urge their customers to report the problem through a specific hashtag with a dual function: on the one hand it allows the company to effectively track discussions and on the other […]

The second method us which acts as a point

The second method us which acts as a point of contact between brand and consumer in social mia takes place directly in the fe of the platforms in the form of comments. Posts and reviews and also in this case it is very important to be constantly present . Real discussions are creat between consumers […]

The belief that customer support only serves

The belief that customer support only serves to respond to and manage customer complaints must be dispell: in reality. The versatility of social platforms allows numerous use cases. For example an e-commerce can dicate its chat social networks to manage returns. To advise customers or to resolve a shipping problem.The most us method compar to […]

How to show your value to customers

Show your customers what’s really convenient . And how much downtime can cost them many msps deal . With customers who underestimate the ne for business continuity and disaster recovery.  ( bcdr ) tools. It is not uncommon to come across small and mium-siz businesses that consider a system. Downtime as a minimal risk and […]

Secure data deletion: how to manage the process?

Imagine the following scenario: your pcs.  And servers reach the end of their life , as do those of your customers. Now try answering these questions: what happens and how is the data inside them manag? How important is it to have governance of the data disposal process ? What tools to use ? Is […]

The best podcasts of the moment for MSP

Podcasts made by msps are one of the best ways to learn about the industry you work in. On spotify, fortunately, there are some very interesting ones on marketing.  It management, leadership and business more generally. Here are the podcasts of the moment that we have selected for you .  Behind the geeks definitely one […]

Artificial Intelligence and marketing collaboration

Youtube announce a 45 percent revenue split on youtube shorts according to mit technology review. So battisby sees youtube monetizing its new vertical video offering to attract creators to make unique shorts content. 3. Artificial intelligence and marketing collaboration artificial intelligence (ai) and copywriting have been linke for many years. But in 2023 ai will […]

4 Key Content Marketing Trends

Content never goes out of style when it comes to attracting. 4 Key Content and converting customers. When it’s done right. Content marketing is an effective and cost-efficient (or even free) way to target the audience you want with the information they nee. In 2023. Content marketing is evolving (in new and wonderful ways that […]