The second method us which acts as a point of contact between brand and consumer in social mia takes place directly in the fe of the platforms in the form of comments. Posts and reviews and also in this case it is very important to be constantly present . Real discussions are creat between consumers about the reference brand. Competitors and/or problems present by the company. In the case of negative comments.

The company must show its strength through

The company must show its strength through which it will have to protect its new data reputation but always with diplomacy and competence.Knowing public opinion is essential for marketers as through this information the company can make any changes aim at improving consumer perception and satisfaction. In fact. There are various “Social listening” solutions that allow you to monitor the conversations that arise between users about your brand . Without having to carry out any manual research and furthermore. They are functional for evaluating whether the company’s current offer is up to date.

Height of the expectations of its consumers

Height of the expectations of its consumers and the market and whether the  service offer is satisfactory or not .Social listening  allows you to:Create a C Phone Numbe  history of conversations regarding your brand over time;Monitor discussions on different platformsEvaluate the tone. Influence and reach of such messages;Analyze the most important data and identify trends;Draw up a report to obtain an overall picture of user opinions.The social mia us for customer support are: facebook. Twitter. Instagram and whatsapp.

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