The belief that customer support only serves to respond to and manage customer complaints must be dispell: in reality. The versatility of social platforms allows numerous use cases. For example an e-commerce can dicate its chat social networks to manage returns. To advise customers or to resolve a shipping problem.The most us method compar to emails or calls is the private message on social mia.

Through which it is possible to interact

Through which it is possible to interact and respond more quickly to customer requests . A great advantage thanks to the versatility of these social platforms. The clear proof is the social whatsapp whose average opening rate of a message is 98% compar to 56% for new database opening emails. This application is dicat both to the exchange of text messages but also images. Videos. Documents. Contacts. Voice notes and location in an extremely intuitive. Simple and fast way.

To provide a response or at least a reaction

To provide a response or at least a reaction to the customer’s messages as C Phone Numbe quickly as possible : according to a nm incite survey. 88% of users tend not to proce with the purchase if they do not receive a response on social mia from the agency. Therefore. Managing a social channel implies scrupulous organization in monitoring the chats of the platforms involv. Social customer care is an activity that requires a constant. Expert and attentive presence.

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