From then for For example, as paid collaborations and sponsorships are increasingly present on social mia platforms, users are starting to recognize sponsor content from genuine one. Likewise, an influencer who is too involv in partnerships and sponsorships will be less crible to his or her follower base, as they may suspect that what he or she says is motivat by financial compensation. Most influencers receive exclusive product samples when a new collection launches, and the most active. Have even play a role in creating their own makeup range, such as vlogger Jaclyn Hill in collaboration with Morphe . Results of influencer marketing in the beauty and cosmetics sector.

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With the great possibility of exposure given to social mia, the beauty and cosmetics sector has undergone a profound change. The rise and fall of a beauty and cosmetics brand is faster than ever. Attention has also shift web designs and development service from large luxury brands to lesser-known products, some even originating from the Internet such as Glossier . The change also happen offline. The immiacy of social mia, in fact, has increas the pressure on brands to become more inclusive and innovative in their product offerings. Some even say they have chang the paradigm of beauty as a whole the ideal of beauty has chang to adapt to a more personal and self-enhancing approach.

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When users listen to what the influencer communicates it is as if they were listening to a person they know, who they trust, and therefore their opinions and advice as they are more authentic. Influencer marketing for COSMETICS AND BEAUTY Return to index ↑ content C Phone Number has put beauty and cosmetics brands in the spotlight. As we said earlier, marketers are seeing a growing demand from the public to share more authentic and transparent content. However, today the creation of content is no longer only in the hands of brands and agencies, but the figure of the influencer is playing a key role in everything that brands communicate.

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