Coming back But even those who decide to make research before purchasing a particular product. Obviously this research takes place via the Internet. For this generation, the information phase, the research phase, becomes crucial. Gen Z analyzes reviews, blog comments and opinions on social networks . They travel far and wide looking for all the information relating to the product, so as to be convinc of the purchase. This research process can take days, which can also tire the young buyer and dissuade him from purchasing. It is a very delicate issue. For this reason, the direct and indirect communication of information by companies with buyers is an activity to be manag very effectively.

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Many retailers try to include detail information on product pages as comprehensively as possible and include FAQs relating to the ingrients us in their products on their websites. They also try to encourage customers to leave reviews on their sites . The issue of reviews is very delicate. Retailers absolutely ne to check user reviews , to avoid fake reviews that can mislead other users looking for real information. Checking web designs and development service every single review is nearly impossible, but retailers can minimize the rate of fake reviews by requiring site access or proof of purchase of the product . The type of review that is increasingly popular is the video review. These are certainly more true since on video people cannot pretend as easily as behind a keyboard.

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Another add value of videos is that the engagement the review increases significantly. People share the emotion behind the product they are talking about with the reviewer. We must take into consideration a typical characteristic of this generation the short duration of their attention. It is well C Phone Number known that their attention will wane after about seconds if they are not really interest in the content. It is true that the Gen Z buyer informs himself a lot before making a purchase, but it is also true that it will be a very eventful search , from one content to another, from one video to another.

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