National Creativity Day also thanks to the spread of bot technologies which have transform. Chats into effective tools for lead generation, initially alongside and in some cases.Even replacing the more traditional ones. form. The reason is simple: chatbots are able to offer that personaliz experience. That is the goal of companies’ digital sites and channels; but is this really the end of forms. Find out by continuing to read this article. The role of chatbots and forms in the user experience. The objective of chatbots that are activat on company websites is to improve.

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The users’ browsing experience; the fact that it is a relatively new technology. However, may discourage some from wedding photo editing service using it. On the contrary, forms are tools known and typically us to request detail information, access content. Register for an event or send your application in response to a job offer. What does it take to get users us to using chats? The first step is to offer an opportunity for interaction, including chats in the company website optimization strategy , in parallel with forms. Forms continue to be important in lead generation, but there are cases in which chats (and bots) help.

The first step is to offer an opportunity

Demonstrate closeness and availability towards prospects and customers, because they are objectively more interactive and do not leave users with. The feeling of speak for yourself, thus increasing conversion opportunities. Pay attention to the pages where the chat window must and must not be active For example, if a visitor clicks a call to action and lands on a landing page that contains a form – a perfect example of lead generation. The fact that the invitation to interact in chat appears C Phone Number could be frustrating, discourage them from filling out the form and lead to abandonment of the page. New Call-to-action When is it better to use the form and when the chatbot.

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