National Creativity Day

National Creativity Day also thanks to the spread of bot technologies which have transform. Chats into effective tools for lead generation, initially alongside and in some cases.Even replacing the more traditional ones. form. The reason is simple: chatbots are able to offer that personaliz experience. That is the goal of companies’ digital sites and channels; […]

From then for every single person

From then for For example, as paid collaborations and sponsorships are increasingly present on social mia platforms, users are starting to recognize sponsor content from genuine one. Likewise, an influencer who is too involv in partnerships and sponsorships will be less crible to his or her follower base, as they may suspect that what he […]

Earth could have a Steem account

Earth could Social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube or even Snapchat have become a real lever for beauty and cosmetics brands to fully showcase the potential of their products. These platforms have strongly encourag creativity and innovative uses of traditional products, which in turn have push brands to innovate and produce new formulas or color […]

Coming back to us outbound vs

Coming back But even those who decide to make research before purchasing a particular product. Obviously this research takes place via the Internet. For this generation, the information phase, the research phase, becomes crucial. Gen Z analyzes reviews, blog comments and opinions on social networks . They travel far and wide looking for all the […]

Whether you are a sales director or a sales

Whether you are Z uses social mia platforms is crucial in creating content that makes a difference. Gen Z uses a lot of social mia, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on. And with each of them, in a different way, they want to share moments of their life, they want to show off and […]

Online tools to reduce the size of your images

Optimizing images before uploading them to WordPress or any other CMS is a task that we recommend that you always do. Otherwise, your images will consume a lot of space on your hosting. Where you have your website hosted. Therefore, not optimizing images will cause a slowdown and as a consequence. The loading speed of […]

How to Prepare an SEO Report

Whether you work as an SEO for a company or an agency, you will likely need to prepare an SEO report. SEO reports show the result of your efforts. Although you probably prefer to spend time developing your strategy, and not creating reports. Let’s save you time. In this article, we will show you what […]