Online tools to reduce the size of your images

Optimizing images before uploading them to WordPress or any other CMS is a task that we recommend that you always do. Otherwise, your images will consume a lot of space on your hosting. Where you have your website hosted. Therefore, not optimizing images will cause a slowdown and as a consequence. The loading speed of […]

How to Prepare an SEO Report

Whether you work as an SEO for a company or an agency, you will likely need to prepare an SEO report. SEO reports show the result of your efforts. Although you probably prefer to spend time developing your strategy, and not creating reports. Let’s save you time. In this article, we will show you what […]

10 ideas and tips for using free image banks

How does WhatsApp Web work? This platform in the Web. Are you already version does not work independently, since it is necessary that your since the connection to the servers of this instant messaging application is not made from. 10 ideas the computer, but from your mobile.I see it well if you are a restless. […]

Best free professional image banks to download photos

Writing on a computer is much faster in general than on a Smartphone. The conversations are updated at all times on any of the computers on which you have WhatsApp installed via Web. Your mobile phone is full of notifications and distractions, so having WhatsApp on the web will make you forget about your phone […]

Are you already clear about what WhatsApp Web is and what it works for

 WhatsApp web tricks and how it works If you want to share this post on Pinterest, this cover is adapted with the measurements. Therefore, of that social network. Another article about WhatsApp that may interest you. Where to download mobile WhatsApp for iOS If you are looking to download WhatsApp iOS, click here . How […]

Use keyboard shortcuts

Send images from the Internet quickly If you see an image on the Internet that you want to send to a WhatsApp contact through the web, all you have to do is right-click and copy the image and then paste it into WhatsApp with the Ctrl. Personal Branding and Social Media in your email. Are […]

Close the session from your mobile

What you intend to achieve. essential pillars Are you interested in being one of the first to have my articles on Personal Branding and Social Media in your email. Are you signing up? As a gift you get this Ebook from the Community Manager, Claudio Inacio Ebook. WhatsApp web tricks and how it works If […]

Facebook Pixel Setup & Video Marketing Metrics

Facebook Pixel According to a study carried out by Microsoft. Currently the average attention span of human beings has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds. Many people attribute this to the proliferation of technology. The wonderful thing about Instagram Stories. That they cater to this generation’s attention span. Because you can only post 15-second videos. […]

Landing Page Optimization & Social Media Analytics Tools

Landing Page Optimization Looking for ways to take your business blog to the next level? Now is the time to explore using video marketing to increase engagement increase engagement with your blog posts. First of all, it is worth mentioning that there are many ways to use video to boost your marketing campaigns . One […]

Quora for Marketing Geotargeting in Advertising

Quora for Marketing Companies around the world have had to adapt to an unprecedented and ever-changing business environment. Many organizations have adopted new practices and strategies. To stay afloat while respecting the post-COVID lockdowns. Social distancing measures and other restrictions. That have been imposed during these difficult times. As a result , online activity has […]

E-commerce Email Campaigns & Instagram Stories for Brands

E-commerce Email It is convenient for many, as it allows everyday users to voice search talk into their devices instead of entering keywords in their queries to get answers. According to PwC, of people between 25 and 49 years old talk at least once a day in front of their voice-enabled devices. Voice recognition on […]

Content Marketing Trends for 2023

Content Marketing Whether supporting a local/global cause or living a certain lifestyle. Many Purpose-Driven consumers are currently looking to make a difference. That desire to make a difference is most reflected in the behavior. Our customers and their purchasing decisions. Some examples are supporting certain cruelty-free cosmetics brands ( BECCA ). The zero packaging movement […]