Optimizing images before uploading them to WordPress or any other CMS is a task that we recommend that you always do. Otherwise, your images will consume a lot of space on your hosting. Where you have your website hosted. Therefore, not optimizing images will cause a slowdown and as a consequence. The loading speed of your site will be slow. This, as you know, is a factor that Google takes into account for web positioning and for which it can even penalize. Online tools These days, visual content is the most influential on users and it is normal that in the content strategy of your blog.

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Include illustrations, infographics, GIFs, memes or banners to impact your audience. In addition, we have, along with other design tools. Online applications to Betting Email List optimize, resize and compress images without losing any quality. Reducing the size of photos does not mean that they are 100% optimized. It is necessary to take into account other. Actions for optimization. So before uploading anything to your content manager or. CMS we recommend that you first reduce the size of the image and then compress its weight without losing quality. This means that in addition to reducing the number of Mb or Kb. You must also reduce the number of pixels (px).

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The page does not give a 100% professional image, this is another effective. Tool to reduce the size of your images and improve their quality. And you can do it by C Phone Number downloading Image. Optimizer to your desktop (if you have Windows) or you can work on it online. Images are a very important element, whether you use them on your blog, website, online store or social networks. These are responsible for attracting the attention of users, retaining them longer on your site and generating a good impression with your brand. But if there is something that you should not neglect, it is their sizes and/or quality because in the end this will affect your loading speed and affect your web positioning. Therefore, reducing the size of your images online is necessary and you can help with this list that we recommend.

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