Facebook Pixel According to a study carried out by Microsoft. Currently the average attention span of human beings has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds. Many people attribute this to the proliferation of technology. The wonderful thing about Instagram Stories. That they cater to this generation’s attention span. Because you can only post 15-second videos. Furthermore, the format of this option is perfectly compatible with mobile devices. So you can publish anywhere and at any time, which is very useful if you go from here to there.

Why Businesses Should Use Instagram

You can literally post whatever you want without worrying about the theme or aesthetics of your posts. Are you launching a new product or service? Want your followers to get an exclusive email contact list behind-the-scenes look at your office? Do you want one of your employees to contribute an Instagram Story? Will you announce the winner of your latest contest on social media? From content like promotional photos and videos for a fun touch, to light content and consistently posting a variety of original content.

The Ability to Publish a Wide Variety of Content

Keep in mind that one of Instagram’s strengths is that it helps increase brand awareness. Over time, Instagram C Phone Number has introduced a number of features. That help brands and businesses reach their audience. Use location tags. Location tags can be incorporated into your Instagram Stories. To make your brand or business easier to locate locally and globally.

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