It is now indisputable that presence on social mia is no longer a choice for the company but a duty. Social networks are not only a place for promoting brands but also a means of communication. Direct sales and assistance. Through social customer care the company demonstrates its expertise to users. Encouraging consumer loyalty. Making the brand accessible to everyone and rucing costs for the company.

To set up an effective and complete

To set up an effective and complete social mia marketing strategy it is special data necessary to plan many activities aim at making yourself visible. Improving your online reputation and achieving success.After an initial analysis phase. Intempra.Com puts into practice an effective strategic social mia. Then verifying the results.Do you ne support to grow your business on social mia and reach new customers? Contact us now and together we will define the right strategy for your company/profession.

Many believe that creating and publishing content

Many believe that creating and publishing content on social mia is child’s play. But in reality this is not the case: if a simple click on “Share” or “Publish” is enough to publish. All the work that comes before putting a post online requires time and skills.   Each post publish is part of a broad content marketing plan. Studi and calibrat to users’ interests and nes.   To manage this work it is C Phone Numbe  necessary to have an itorial plan. A strategic and operational document that allows you to organize social mia contents and is functional for the analysis of the results achiev .

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