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How to show your value to customers

Show your customers what’s really convenient . And how much downtime can cost them many msps deal . With customers who underestimate the ne for business continuity and disaster recovery.  ( bcdr ) tools. It is not uncommon to come across small and mium-siz businesses that consider a system. Downtime as a minimal risk and therefore give up these tools. Some smes are still convinc that cyber criminals only target large companies.  Because they are able to pay higher ransoms. In reality, bad actors have expand the circle of their victims precisely.  Because they know that smes do not have sophisticat cybersecurity systems. 

Calculate costs associated with downtime

 This was demonstrat by verizon’s 2020 data breach investigations report .  Noting that 28% of cyber attacks are aim. At smaller businesses, or blackberry cybersecurity’s 2022 threat report .  Recording that sme devices suffer from 11 to 13 threats more than special data multinationals. The first step is to ucate customers about the risks : the key to helping them understand the.  Ne for bcdr solutions is to quantify what a business interruption or data loss may entail. Graphics and pcs this is why backups cannot be enough.  Small businesses may not realize that backups are only one asset of bcdr tools . Business recovery from traditional backup takes time and money. Your customers should know that a bcdr strategy involves not only backup operations. But also risk analysis . 

Building a value proposition for SMEs

Even if your customers use a cloud-bas service , such as microsoft 365 or google workspace . They will likely find that, in their agreements, they recommend having. Independent bcdr procures in place to minimize downtime . And recover data in the event C Phone Number of an outage. Due to natural events or cyber attacks. Companies must also consider tolerance. For downtime , which could be the effect of “ everyday disasters . ” such as: hardware failures; software or database corruption;. Utility outages; harmful employee actions; accidental user errors; fire or flood; natural disasters. With these scenarios in mind,. Your customers could immiately focus their attention on the . Current risk position : have they defin the recovery point objective . (rpo) and recovery time objective (rto)? Have they thought of a solution to support them?

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