Podcasts made by msps are one of the best ways to learn about the industry you work in. On spotify, fortunately, there are some very interesting ones on marketing.  It management, leadership and business more generally. Here are the podcasts of the moment that we have selected for you .  Behind the geeks definitely one of the best podcasts of the moment! With an “all-star” cast like this, who wouldn’t like it. Sit back and listen to nigel moore, pete matheson.  Richard tubb and scott talk about managed it services all day! About the podcast: here you can join richard.  Pete, scott and nigel in a fun show, full of lessons, mistakes made and interesting stories. 

Behind The Geeks

Every week they delve into the latest news from the msp world and a super relevant hot topic. Hosts : nigel moore, pete matheson, richard tubb, and scott (the tech tribe) & other friends. Listen now tubbtalk we love richard tubb, everyone would love to deal with him. Richard, always new database provides you with a ton of knowledge through a very engaging format. About the podcast: richard tubb, a leader and keynote speaker in the msp community.  Shares interviews and updates on products, services and success stories. Host: richard tubb listen now msp . Marketing podcast by paul green when it comes time to talk about marketing, paul green is there. He always shares a huge amount of sails tips! Do you want to refine your marketing strategy technique? Listen to this podcast.

MSP Marketing Podcast by Paul Green

About the podcast: It’s made in the UK and… designed for MSPs across the planet! Host: Paul Green LISTEN NOW MSP Unplugged I love this podcast, it’s easy to listen to and the content is down to earth. The speakers? MSP with a lot of experience! About the podcast: We discuss several C Phone Number ways to make your IT work. If you want to get your business off the ground… you’re in the right podcast! About this podcast: It’s designed to help ambitious MSPs.  build a profitable tech business. The Business of Tech Who doesn’t like listening to Dave Sobel? I love his way of telling it like it is and the topical topics he brings to the table. About the podcast: Every day, we’re hit with a deluge of tech news. In an ever-changing industry, technology providers must focus on the information that matters.

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