Imagine the following scenario: your pcs.  And servers reach the end of their life , as do those of your customers. Now try answering these questions: what happens and how is the data inside them manag? How important is it to have governance of the data disposal process ? What tools to use ? Is disposal already part of your msp offer ? How to explain to the customer the importance of this activity? We organiz a session , of the how we do it format , to talk about the topic. In particular, during the webinar, we analyz the results of a survey.  To which many of your msp colleagues respond to explain how ahab decid to manage this process .

What happens and how is the data

With what methods and with which tools, depending on the scenarios. Watch the recording! One of the biggest challenges for those who do your job is to offer their latest data customers such a valid.  Accurate and advantageous service that it is both perceiv as such by the customer and stands out.  Compar to the competition . To help you achieve this every day, ahab.  Has structur the first class , a service that will give you the opportunity to gain . Access to superior services that will allow you to improve your msp activities at 360° .


How important is it to have governance of the data

This podcast focuses on that news! Host: dave sobel listen now smb community podcast I’m serious.  No podcast list would be complete without karl palachuk.  The grandfather of manag it services. About the podcast: it is suitable for all C Phone Number it consultants and manag service providers . Working for small and mium-siz businesses (smbs). Host: karl palachuk listen now msp business school a podcast suitable for all technology service providers, where you will learn about different strategies to grow your business and… Build a winning company! Hosts: brian doyle, tim mcneil and robb rogers listen now msp.  Growth doctor msp growth doctor is a podcast where you can. Take inspiration from the industry’s.  Greatest successes and learn to overcome everyday challenges. Listen now the msp initiative in this podcast, every tuesday and thursday from 1.00pm,

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