Youtube announce a 45 percent revenue split on youtube shorts according to mit technology review. So battisby sees youtube monetizing its new vertical video offering to attract creators to make unique shorts content. 3. Artificial intelligence and marketing collaboration artificial intelligence (ai) and copywriting have been linke for many years. But in 2023 ai will play a bigger role than ever in content creation as the demand from consumers for personalization intensifies. There are a lot of new ai solutions coming onto the market. For example.

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Ubersuggest uses ai to assist with blog posts. helps create social meia posts and blogs. While chat gpt is traine to interact conversationally and can be integrate with zapier to scheule blogs or social meia content and create drawings or videos. These new technologies require marketers to learn how to talk to them and create prompts for the best content. “we’re seeing people latest database leverage ai for e-mail. Copywriting. Subject lines in an e-mail. Or even your ad copy.” says matt santos. Vice president of products and strategy at neil patel brands. But it’s not only about creating copy. Matt believes it can help content marketers in the writing process especially when there’s so much content to be create. “i think the way we can leverage this tool is by just kickstarting the creative juices.

It’s perfect to help us break through writer’s block because as soon as we start to see words on a page

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It’s perfect to help us break through writer’s block because as soon as we start to see words on a page. Our mind starts racing. That’s essentially what ai is useful for right now. Today.” in 2023. There are going to be some breakthroughs due to more investment in software and machine learning. There are going to be improvements in natural language processing and other factors C Phone Number and down the line. We’ll see ai that produces great content that we only have to quality assure or eit and just spend a couple of minutes on. Despite the improvements. Santos believes that “it’s going to be rare to find an ai that can write an entire blog post from start to finish that’s perfect. We’re still several years away from that. In 2023.

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