This is a trend that works well on tiktok so if you’re noticing videos blowing up in terms of views and likes. Why not think about boosting it? Here are some key tips for creating great short-form content for mobile: keep it punchy. Successful videos tend to be between 15 and 30 seconds long include a surprise twist at the end of your video like a reveal or transformation add interesting captions like ‘wait for what’s next’ to keep people watching experiment with creating your own sounds or remixing tracks to increase the possibility of going viral (check out these tips from top tiktok creators) browse what’s trending on platforms such as hashtags.

An explosion in the creator economy

Topics or music gymshark short content gymshark short content why choose dmi? 2. An explosion in the creator economy we mentione in our top digital marketing trends for 2023 blog that the creator economy is set to grow and change. This explosion will create intense competition between brands to attract and retain the best creators across platforms. The reason? Brands want to fill their content gaps and they want to tie into the latest trends. But they do not always have the knowlege or capacity to act quickly enough or do it in a way that best drives engagement and conversions. “contact reviews from content creators are truste

How you can utilize creators

And often engagement is higher on creator profiles than for brand profiles. So. Really consider how you can utilize creators as part of your brand’s marketing. Could you offer some products for review? Could you invite some to an event? Or could you work together to collaborate on a piece of content. Like a trending sound?” says battisby. Luckily social meia networks are making it easier for brands to find quality and relevant creators. Instagram recently launche a creator portfolio where creators can share their unique stories and position themselves for partnerships on their profiles.

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