Contests challenge yourself and win prizes

Whether in sports, the arts or intellectual challenges, competitions have the power to bring out the best in each of us. Over time, the quest for recognition has driven people to overcome themselves, face their fears and test their limits. In addition to encouraging reaching the podium, competitions also promote camaraderie, team spirit and solidarity […]

That electronic marketing has increased convenience

Create your market in the digital world”, by Bruno de Oliveira Living in a completely digital era requires implementing businesses in the digital world as well, or staying stuck in time and falling behind when competing with other brands. In this book, author Bruno de Oliveira shares step-by-step how professionals with a physical establishment or […]

How can courses help young talent?

In recent years, the job market has become increasingly competitive and demanding. Faced with this scenario, young talents are looking for ways to stand out and conquer promising opportunities in their areas of interest. In this context, the courses have proven to be a fundamental tool to boost these individuals, providingknowledge, skills and opportunities for […]

While robotics is often associated with physical programming

The responsible use of the Internet, understanding the importance of privacy, protection and ethics in handling and sharing data. These skills are paramount in an increasingly connected world where news plays a crucial role. on the innovative reality in which we operate?Clickfor more information! Scratch , its extensions and physical computing | 6 hours (online) […]

Most young people consider themselves to have a good level of knowledge

In recent years, many changes have taken place, mainly in the educational and business fields. In this way, new skills began to be valued in employees, whether employees, interns or apprentices. Order to understand more about the subject, Nube – Núcleo Brasileiro de Estágios conducted a survey and asked. How do you evaluate your knowledge […]