The responsible use of the Internet, understanding the importance of privacy, protection and ethics in handling and sharing data. These skills are paramount in an increasingly connected world where news plays a crucial role. on the innovative reality in which we operate?Clickfor more information! Scratch , its extensions and physical computing | 6 hours (online) | Bradesco Foundation In this course, you will be introduced to the fascinating world of physical computing and the incrediblepossibilitiesoffered by it , using the extensions of the Scratch coding environment . With these tools, you will be able to create fantastic projects and explore new dimensions of the area. , it is important to highlight how these terms are not synonymous. Building a robot involves assembling mechanics, electronics and programming together. , it will be possible to explore this potential, creating innovative projects uniting the physical and virtual world.

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The extensions of this model provide a friendly and intuitive interface, allowing you to focus on creative expression and the materialization of your ideas. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the tech potential and bring your imagination to life,Register! How To Write A Resume | 5 hours (online) | cloud Created by the Núcleo Brasileiro de Estágios (Nube), the course aims to guide students to Cambodia Phone Number prepare acurriculum(CV) convincing and claim your space in the market. The secret is to value each of your experiences and give them due prominence. With simplicity, clarity and objectivity, the path to scheduling the interview with HR will be duly shorten. Upon completion of the four modules, arranged in five hours of free, remote activity, you will be ready to organize your CV and succeed.

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Just loginhere! In addition to this option, the portal has other distance programs for you to do whenever and wherever you want! Investigate our content and get ready to face the challenges of the business environment with confidence. Did you like the recommendations? Know someone with the same interests? So be sure to share these tips! There are several course options especially for those looking to CP Phone Number complement their talents. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your knowledge! Finally, the Nube checks contests, books and exhibitions for readers on a weekly basis. We are always looking to produce relevant content for your future! For more information, check out ourblogand social networks. We also offer online courses aimed at the professional qualification of interns and apprentices,access. In this sense, the importance of diversity in any search for developmentand progress.

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