In recent years, many changes have taken place, mainly in the educational and business fields. In this way, new skills began to be valued in employees, whether employees, interns or apprentices. Order to understand more about the subject, Nube – Núcleo Brasileiro de Estágios conducted a survey and asked. How do you evaluate your knowledge in relation to other people in your age group?” With data collected between June 12th and 23rd of 2023. The survey had the participation of 23,465 respondents, from 15 to 29 years old.  Hugo Domenech, before delving into the topic, it is important to consider the context. Of digital evolution and the speed at which innovations and discoveries emerge. “Since the formulation of Moore’s Law by Gordon E. Moore, founder of Intel, in 1965, we have witnessed an exponential rise in processing power and related technologies.

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This constant transformation is profoundly changing the way we live and work.” In 2023, these innovations are even more present, permeating all spheres of our personal and professional lives. Accelerated changes require continuous adaptation and a constant search for learning. Concepts such as lifelong learning (continuing education), reskilling (requalification) and upskilling (improvement) have gained prominence Canada Phone Number in the corporate environment, as organizations realize the need to keep up to date in order to be competitive. Most feel relaxed about their knowledge Most respondents, 42.12% (9,884), are calm and manage to excel in everyday life. “While it’s good to have a certain amount of comfort in this regard, it’s crucial not to get complacent. Further training brings significant benefits, such as honing existing skills, developing new skills and greater adaptability to demands.

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In addition, it expands career growth opportunities and the possibility of standing out in the market”, comments the analyst. Many are prepared in several points, but with difficulty in others. A large portion, 39.55% (9,280), consider themselves prepared on several issues, but recognize the need to improve on others. “It is absolutely normal to have strengths and weaknesses. Each individual has CP Phone Number different characteristics. To reinforce the aspects in which you have more difficulty, it is recommended to identify these areas of lesser mastery and invest in specific learning strategies. , training or the search for practical experiences”, he highlights. Some consider themselves superior to others. This is the reality of 10.80% (2,535) regarding the topic. They are even praised for their intelligence. “Daily revolutions require constant attention and updating, in all sectors.

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