Create your market in the digital world”, by Bruno de Oliveira Living in a completely digital era requires implementing businesses in the digital world as well, or staying stuck in time and falling behind when competing with other brands. In this book, author Bruno de Oliveira shares step-by-step how professionals with a physical establishment or planning their first venture can develop their online strategy and succeed with an e-commerce . It is also indicated for those who dream of having their own company. “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” by Brad Stone Journalist Brad Stone gained unprecedented access to Amazon employees and executives, as well as family and friends of Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder, to delve into the world of the online commerce giant, which revolutionized the way people read and buy.

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A Loja de Tudo” is the definitive biography of the start-up responsible for making one of the first and biggest bets on the Internet, changing the way people do business with the public. It is an honest account of the company, as well as a deeply personal look about the iconic character created. Awarded the “Best Business Book of 2013” ​​by the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs, it was also selected among the best titles Brazil Phone Number of the year by publications such as The Washington Post and Forbes. The work brings together unpublished testimonials from friends, family, collaborators and former employees of the company, revealing important details of all of Bezos’ moves to make it one of the most powerful companies today. The book also includes dozens of unpublished images from the protagonist’s childhood to becoming a Silicon Valley billionaire.

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