The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power breaks records

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has managed to break records by attracting more than 25 million viewers in its debut. According to Amazon, “it was the biggest debut in the history of the Prime Video service .” This was announced on social networks to thank the followers of the series and […]

Samsung mocks Apple in a new spot everything that Apple promotes

Samsung mocks takes advantage of its great rival’s big event to highlight that innovation already exists, but it does not come from Apple. In a scathing advertisement, the South Korean brand highlights the features of its Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Flip 4 models. “Buckle up for Apple’s latest release as you enter a world […]

Samsung releases a spot where changing phones is a psychological thriller

Samsung releases new spot to promote the Galaxy Z Flip 4 asks users who are used to buying the same phone over. Over again to do the unthinkable: change phone brands. After parodying Apple on the eve of the Apple Event. Samsung takes the opportunity to speak to consumers who are changing devices. The South […]

What is the future of work

In this case I have What is used DinoRANK. But practically all the tools for doing keyword research allow you to download. The information. excel keywords dinorank As you can see. The excel generated by DinoRANK. Not only contains the information shown on the screen, that is, the volume. Of searches, the CPC and the […]

What is organizational climate and how to improve

Therefore, The organizational What is climate is the perception. We have about the work environment in a company. Despite being a relatively new concept, the study of. Organizational climate has been standing out and is already a trend in the business world. Regardless of the size of your business, it is important to know that […]

How to advertise on Facebook Ads

Therefore, You How to probably already know that advertising on Facebook Ads, the platform’s paid advertising tool, is one of the most profitable strategies to draw attention to your brand . Therefore, That’s because Facebook is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, considering it’s the largest social network in the world, […]

Social Selling Strategies

What objectives can we achieve? Finally, I can only comment Social Selling on the most common objectives of a social selling strategist sell. It is the objective par excellence of this strategy. Loyalty. Another objective of Social Selling is to establish a lasting relationship with customers to attract and fall in love with prospects and […]

Social Media Strategy

Thanks to the optimal management of social networks, Social Media we can achieve the following. objectives brand awareness. If our goal is for our brand or company to be known by our target audience, social networks will help us achieve this.  Through social media it is possible to generate qualified traffic to a website or […]

SEO Positioning Strategy

SEO positioning is the digital marketing strategy SEO Positioning  that aims to position a website in Internet search engines for those searches carried out by its potential clients. If you want to know more, I invite you to read the article « Advantages and disadvantages of SEO positioning «. What objectives can we achieve? The […]

Let’s accompany our audience throughout the entire purchasing process

Let’s accompany This could be a good summary of the mission of every good marketing professional . This is what our strategy should achieve. Offer our future client everything they may need to decide to buy our product. The program was presented by Juan Manuel Urraca and the guests were: David Grijalba, Víctor García, Fares […]

What is marketing mentoring and what is it for

What is marketing  I have been a digital marketing and business mentor for SMEs and Entrepreneurs for many years , but the reality is that I have never stopped to define it and I would like to resolve some doubts that I encounter with some frequency. I have covered many of these topics in my […]

How to beat ChatGPT by generating content

How to beat  For some time now , the speed of content generation has been multiplying and with the arrival of generative artificial intelligence it has skyrocketed even more. Before its arrival, the volume of content was already overwhelming, ChatGPT has only added more fuel to the fire. It is much more content, but the […]