Samsung releases new spot to promote the Galaxy Z Flip 4 asks users who are used to buying the same phone over. Over again to do the unthinkable: change phone brands. After parodying Apple on the eve of the Apple Event. Samsung takes the opportunity to speak to consumers who are changing devices. The South Korean brand highlights in this ad how once you see a mobile phone that folds. There is no turning back.

Shows its protagonist reluctant to change the brand

The brand notes that once you discover industry email list an exciting and visually unique feature. You’ll start seeing it everywhere. In what may (or may not) be a comment on how its biggest rival. The Manzanita brand. Often copies features that can be seen first on a Galaxy. But it is not so subtle after adding a comment in the spot about new mobile phones. But without innovation . In the funny spot. Its protagonist tries to forget her friend’s new smartphone. But it has made a strong impression on her. Now she can’t help but see how the world around her also has a foldable version.

Samsung's bet

The brand seeks to bring this type C Phone Number of foldable devices to the “mainstream” , according to International Data Corp. this market segment will be worth $29 billion by 2025. For her part. Sonia Chang, vice president and director of global brand marketing at Samsung. Told AdWeek. that the mobile device market has been stagnant and consumers have been “exposed to a sea of ​​the same.” Therefore, the commitment to “flip” devices seeks to bring excitement and motivation to users to try new experiences.

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