In this case I have What is used DinoRANK. But practically all the tools for doing keyword research allow you to download. The information. excel keywords dinorank As you can see. The excel generated by DinoRANK. Not only contains the information shown on the screen, that is, the volume. Of searches, the CPC and the competition in. Adwords, but also breaks down the number of searches per month for each keyword. At this moment, we are only interested in the “Search volume. Column, which offers an average of the searches for. The entire year, so we proceed to delete the others (we will return to them later…).

Information What is shown on the screen that is the volume of searches

In addition, we are also going to category email list eliminate the keywords that have zero searches, if there are any, and we will order the Excel so that it shows us the results from highest to lowest. Now, we will add the searches that have all the keywords that we have chosen to see what the capacity of that niche is to attract traffic: suma keywords In total, this niche can have 658,090 searches per month, a very interesting figure in itself and one that presents many possibilities to scale beyond the initial data. Well, we have already worked on the first factor, that is, search volume.

Before starting to work, you should know

Now let’s analyze what happens C Phone Number with the CPC. Before starting to work, you should know that, as I said above, Google Adsense is not going to pay you the amount of money that keyword research tools usually show. At most you will receive up to 60% as long as there is high competition between advertisers. That is, if you have a CPC of €0.50, you would get €0.30 in the best of cases. Therefore, it is important to try to calculate the profitability of an Adsense niche not only by looking at the CPC, but also at the competition in Adwords, since it is the variable that can indicate whether a niche is worth it or not.

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