Samsung mocks takes advantage of its great rival’s big event to highlight that innovation already exists, but it does not come from Apple. In a scathing advertisement, the South Korean brand highlights the features of its Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Flip 4 models. “Buckle up for Apple’s latest release as you enter a world where heads will turn, but not in your direction,” the ad says. “Where the highest resolution camera on a smartphone will be in someone else’s pocket. 

Your #Galaxy gives you what you are looking for

Apple will officially announce category email list the new iPhone 14 this September 7 at 7 p.m. in Spain. But this new model will not have anything new, or that is what Samsung has said in its new advertisement , where the features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Z Flip 4 models stand out. The spot is intended to be an advertisement for the American brand, to highlight to viewers that innovation already exists, and it is in Samsung devices.

It is not the first time that Samsung takes advantage of the occasion

In the advertisement, the Korean brand C Phone Number invites users to use Samsung devices since they are the ones that generate real surprise with their innovative features. Furthermore, they ask themselves “What won’t they think about next time?” in reference to its competitor. Both brands are the great rivals in the world of telephony. So Samsung has not resisted and has succumbed to its habit of mocking the apple brand. Taking advantage of the proximity of the Apple Event, they have taken advantage of their social networks to publish tweets where they use one of the typical phrases of iPhone users.

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