What is marketing  I have been a digital marketing and business mentor for SMEs and Entrepreneurs for many years , but the reality is that I have never stopped to define it and I would like to resolve some doubts that I encounter with some frequency. I have covered many of these topics in my book “ Marketing for Entrepreneurs ”. So let’s go step by step trying to resolve these doubts. The first.

The strategic objective is to define and implement the best What is

What is a marketing mentorship ? It is the support category email list that a company receives from a digital marketing expert who, in a completely personalized way, guides you in the definition and implementation of the best marketing and business strategy for your company. A wide variety of areas are touched upon in this process, often exceeding the limits of digital marketing. Sometimes to take advantage of marketing, we must carry out a transformation of the company from within.

How long should digital mentoring last and what

How long should digital mentoring last? It does not have a set deadline. Each company or entrepreneurial project is different and therefore has unequal needs. But to try to give an answer and speaking of average times , I consider that the minimum period is around 4-6 months. Obviously it depends on the intensity of the mentoring sessions and the work done by the mentee and the company. 

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