Email marketing And conversion optimization

Gardner also partners with copywriting experts like moz founder rand fishkin and copyblogger founder brian clark to help you achieve your copywriting goals. Quick sprout university if you’ve ever want to take a free. Private copywriting course with marketing guru neil patel. Now’s your chance. At quick sprout university. You can choose from over 130 […]

The essentials of seo

Content writing mastery 1: content writing for beginners take this copywriting course and you’ll join 2.500 other students who have already taken a big step forward in improving their skills. Through 2.5 hours of on-demand video. You’ll learn about the most profitable places to post content. The essentials of seo. How to organize your writing […]

How to organize your writing research

Publishers continue to struggle to secure a sustainable. Long-term monetization model for new innovations. And have embrac en masse any new opportunity that promises short-term gains . The shift to digital has forc publishers to rethink how they drive revenue. But is it safe to say that publishers have successfully adapt to the new normal? […]

There are still issues of scale and lower margins

For publishers who want to maintain quality. Ensure brand safety and make an impact. Personaliz native content hits every note. We’ve seen the success of buzzfe. And new entrants like reuters plus and conde nast’s new london studio. Stories. Are also making their mark. There are still issues of scale and lower margins. But at […]

That leverages the right keywords

When you’re task with creating copy for a persuasive email blast. The company newsletter. The perfect welcome email . Or a compelling sales letter. That leverages the right keywords to get results. But with a host of terms and keywords at your disposal. How do you know which power words will have the greatest impact […]