Publishers continue to struggle to secure a sustainable. Long-term monetization model for new innovations. And have embrac en masse any new opportunity that promises short-term gains . The shift to digital has forc publishers to rethink how they drive revenue. But is it safe to say that publishers have successfully adapt to the new normal? Shiny object syndrome has push mia companies to invest in all kinds of new tools and technologies to compete in the digital age – vr. Header bidding. Native advertising. Etc. And for many publishers who lack a cohesive strategy.

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Weighing these options can be a real struggle. Technology has allow publishers to increase ctr and readership. But how do you weigh investing in Asia email list content recommendation services. Versus visual and interactive rich mia. Or even ai-bas content generators? Invest in technology with a clear purpose knowing that what you add is the creation of value. For example. The washington post manag to look beyond ai as a buzzword and was able to program its robot reporter heliograf to publish 850 stories in its first year. There is no way to keep up with the joneses in ad tech. Martech. And even tech publishing; instead of keeping up. Publishers should stay focus. Who are you trying to contact? How can you best reach them.

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What does the data tell you about where they gather (fb. Twitter. Twitch. Etc.) and what they do there (chat. Read. Post. Lean in to see)? These C Phone Number are also the same answers you give your advertiser and which can help guide where you invest. The modern native content studio for large publishers. The modern native content studio is the right direction. When consumer attention is pull in so many directions. There is no reason why content generat on behalf of an advertiser deserves less attention or attention than content design for the consumer or end user.

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