For publishers who want to maintain quality. Ensure brand safety and make an impact. Personaliz native content hits every note. We’ve seen the success of buzzfe. And new entrants like reuters plus and conde nast’s new london studio. Stories. Are also making their mark. There are still issues of scale and lower margins. But at the end of the day. Both publishers and advertisers are looking to engage with these consumers in a meaningful way. And native content delivers. It is up to the publisher to decide whether that content is creat for a marketer or for a brand.

Publishers can learn from cmos publishers

Or whether it comes out of a dicat “Content studio”. Or whether it becomes a reflective laboratory that amplifies a brand’s message to its readers. Publishers Country Email List learn from cmos publishers are no longer simply arbiters of the itorial and writing talent in their content development corps. They ne to adopt the same creative lens and perspective. But support it with data and an understanding of how and where technology serves the nes of content creators – both in itorial and advertising – to serve the end consumer. But this trend isn’t just about publishers. A similar shift is happening with cmos. Who have also had to evolve a mix set of skills not only in design and branding. But also in data and analytics. Executives occupying the cmo office have been forc to become more savvy about technology and data.

Technology isn’t about chasing the shiny

country email list

And how to apply it to tell a more compelling story. Publishers should look to what forrester has call the “integral cmo” as an example of C Phone Number how to move forward and adapt to the ever-changing mia landscape. For publishers. One of the best things they can do to ensure they’re investing in the right technologies is to work with advertisers to understand their goals and build with their audience in mind. How can technology increase revenue or provide value to the user? Technology isn’t about chasing the shiny object because every publisher is different. Instead. Publishers ne to understand what their unique ability to engage with their core audience is and they ne to know what the right fit is for their brand.

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