It also helps you write more detailed and accurate text. A general, superficial scratch about a topic is pointless nonsense that should not be published. 7. Blogging also has its own periods No one’s blog will grow steadily and continuously from here into the future. It can accommodate times when getting readers is under a rock.  either increase the number of visitors to your blog or take readers close to zero. So don’t panic if you notice that no one has visited your blog for a week. Then stop for a moment and share old posts on social media.

Vacations, holidays and special events can

If you still don’t get visitors, wait a few weeks and share the posts again. If, on the other hand, the number special data of visitors starts to flow normally, read through the latest posts and think about whether they said something that caused the number of readers to decrease. 8. Be ready to accept criticism – but you don’t have to put up with everything It really saddens me to read comments where others are bullied. Once another blogger made a negative comment about me in a Facebook group. The blogger in question did not know that I myself was in this group and saw his comments.  blog and social channels actively, but after this incident I have not visited them. It’s okay to admit if someone does something better than you. Even though I’ve been actively blogging since 2014, that doesn’t mean I know everything perfectly. I really can’t and I don’t even want to.

I had previously followed this person's

I want to always have the opportunity to learn something new. Learning and realizing new things bring great satisfaction to this job. That’s why I eagerly accept any tips and advice that are given to me. I filter criticism somewhat, but if I am attacked for no reason, the journey together ends every time. 9. Study more and develop yourself constantly It’s really easy to go to a group and ask for advice. You usually get an answer right away and you don’t have to spend more time solving the problem. But it is important to understand that the solution is not necessarily C Phone Number long-term. Therefore, after the quick solution, it is worth taking time and studying the matter independently more.

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