Also read this: How to start a food blog 4. The feeling sticks to your text – always. The more you think about money (or rather, the fact that you don’t have money and you want to blog to get money), it is transmitted between the lines to the reader.  away from you. But when you “forget” the money completely and really serve your readers, you will be surprised how easily the blog generates income for you. 5. Dare to be yourself – but with limits to everything It is extremely easy to build a “blog identity” for yourself.

That, in turn, pushes readers

Many are afraid to be themselves online. They fear that no one will care what they have to say. By being your latest database authentic, wonderful self, it’s easier to relate to you and the content you write. This creates a strong bond between you and the reader. In any case, you are a role model for those people who haven’t dared to start blogging and who know less about the subject you write about than you. Authenticity and inauthenticity are always transmitted. But…  to read if you complain about everything. People love heroic stories. That’s why it’s best to tell about difficulties only after the fact, after you’ve overcome them. Read more: 5 ways to use a blog to build a brand 6.

Remember that readers won't be able

 Don’t try to write general things for the masses When I started blogging, I imagined that I would have to address the readers as “you”, i.e. in the plural. Quite suddenly it started to sound smug to my ears. Someone else could have interpreted it as teasing. But I do not. I felt like I was on a pedestal and “you readers are inferior.” And I didn’t want that. I wanted and still want to be on the same page with my reader. I’m not a guru, and I don’t care to be. I want to be just like you. An ordinary family mother who is building the job of her dreams. It is not only more personal C Phone Number but also more conversational. By writing to one person, the text “resonates” in a completely different way.

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