Console GA4 YouTube Analytics and SEO tools like Sistrix ScreamingFrog SEMrush and Google Ads. Sometimes you’ll encounter data that you’re unsure how to handle. For instance you might have a report from your Google Ads account such as the “Paid and Organic Report.” This report is in my opinion one of the most underrat resources for SEOs. Ask Advanc Data Analysis a question like “I’m going to upload a data file from my Google Ads account. As the person responsible for SEO what can I learn from this data?” 3. Ask

The AI to analyze

The GA4 data Next give it a detail prompt. The best prompts tell the AI who it is and what skills to employ. Also be specific about what you’re looking for but not so specific that the answers are constrain. Here’s my second prompt “You are a digital marketing analyst and an expert and making datadriven recommendations. Combine the data from business database the columns to recommend new digital marketing topics that would likely have good traffic and engagement. Organize the topics into two groups those that would perform well in social vs. organic search” I’m asking it to consider high performers in search and social separately because what

works in one

Often doesn’t work in the other. Search and social aren’t just different they are opposites! To complete the analysis Advanc Data Analysis ne to adjust the dataset some more. Once it finish it determin bas on its own weighting of traffic and engagement  C Phone Number the topperforming articles in both search and social. Amazingly it link to each article in the list. I’m really not sure how because the URLs were not in the dataset. It shar this note underneath the lists “Note the actual URLs are inferr bas on the title and not provid in the dataset.” …but

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