Data into the ChatGPT Advanc Data Analysis The hard part is done. Feel free to close your Google Analytics tab now. We’re done with GA4 for now. We’re going to use the ChatGPT4 Advanc Data Analysis so you’ll ne a paid account and you’ll ne to go to settings and turn on Advanc Data Analysis which is currently in the Beta Features section. It is very powerful. Here’s how we’ll get the file in and start the training prompts. Click + New Chat in the top left to start a new conversation. Click GPT4 and select Advanc Data Analysis from the dropdown menu Warning! Your company may have policies about uploading data to an AI. Or if you’re an

Agency your clients

Restrictions in their legal agreements with you the vendor. If you’re not sure ask before uploading. turn on code interpretor Next in the prompt field we’ll click the plus icon to upload the file. Add a business lead prompt telling it about the data and confirming that it can do the analysis. Here’s my first prompt “I’m giving you a lot of Google Analytics data about traffic to the blog. It shows the performance of all of our content marketing content since Jan 1. Can you answer questions about this dataset?” upload the file The AI will

Load the dataset

And try to read the data. Watching it at work is very very impressive. It will reorganize and reformat the data as many times as necessary to get what it nes. For GA4 data this means removing the  C Phone Number comments in the first rows. There is no ne to clean up the data. ChatGPT’s Advanc Data Analysis does it all for you. Once it’s done it will tell you it’s ready. Alexander Holl 121WATTOpens a new window “Think about where you can download digital marketing data in .csv format. Some tools that offer .csv data include Google Search

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