Our favorite metrics. Next let’s set the report to show the title tags of our articles. Click on the dropdown menu above the first column in the report and select Page title and screen name. This will help ChatGPT know the topics of our articles. This is more meaningful for our analysis than the URLs. Of course not all content works in all places. So let’s add some data about the source of traffic to these articles. We’ll do this with a secondary dimension. Click on the plus sign (+) above the first column in the report. Search for

Mium and select

Session mium. This will add another column to the report between the first column and the metrics. Now the report should look like this GA4 report Did this process feel  business email list difficult or confusing? Start over and do it all again. And again. You’ll soon realize that it really takes just 20 clicks and takes less than one minute. Just 30 minutes in GA4 and you’ll be able to do what most marketers will never learn. Ok. We’ve got our data.

Usually here’s where

I’d recommend looking at the data in the report. But not today. You’re going to use our plucky new research assistant to do the analysis for you. Click the share icon in the top right corner of Google  C Phone Number Analytics Click Download file Select Download CSV arrow showing where to click the share icon in the upper right Usually here’s where I’d recommend looking at the file. But not today! No ne to even open the file… 2. Import the

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