Right. Now pick the metrics most useful for content marketing analysis. Drag your favs to the top remove the ones you don’t like add better ones by clicking “Add metric” at the bottom and then searching. how to customize a GA4 report Here are my recommend metrics for measuring content performance Users Sessions Engagement rate Average engagement time Conversions Session Conversion rate This is plenty

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Clues into what topics are working well. Click Apply then click Save. Go ahead and Save changes to the current report because why not. These little customizations are things you’ll do all b2b leads the time. Back at the report we can now build a content performance report. First pick a nice long date range. I’m using 6 months. Really we just want our content marketing pages not the entire website so we ne to create a filter to Include just the URLs that contain the word “blog.” Note If your blog content isn’t all in a common directory you’ll

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Something else that tells Analytics how to include only those URLs. Here’s how to make a GA4 filter to show just your content marketing URLs Click Add filter + button. Click on the “Select dimension dropdown” and select Page Location. Note if you don’t have Page  C Phone Number Location use page path and screen class Click on the “Select dimension values” dropdown and type blog. Click on All values containing ‘blog’ Click Apply Here’s what your filter will look like filtering reports in GA4 Now our report shows just our content marketing and just

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