It’s not always worth saving and going from where the fence is lowest. When investing in a blog financially, the mind inevitably begins to act according to the fact that the blog must be made to generate money. Then you also work more on the blog, and you won’t forget it after the first week. Read more: 3 easy steps to start blogging 3. Focus on community building Many bloggers want a lot of followers on different social media channels. Google Analytics only looks at page loads. However, the truth is that after a while this information will no longer matter.  profile closures and scams are commonplace.

These days, social media profile hijackings,

If you have 15,000 followers on Instagram and your account gets hacked, you have to start all over again. When new data you want to make money blogging, it’s even more important to build a strong and personal relationship with your readers. The goal is to get people to react, discuss and comment. Blogging (influencing or influencing) is not about putting a person on a pedestal to be worshipped. As a blogger, the more you want to serve your followers and readers, the more they will reward you by buying the products you recommend.  service. You want to serve your readers in the best possible way so that they have a reason to come back again and again.

Blogging is a kind of customer

Never Blog for money This was kind of obvious to me, but the longer I’ve been blogging, the stronger this has become part of my vision. How and what you write in your blog is directly proportional to whether you think about money or not. If you think about money, the content is more commercial. This gives the reader the feeling that you just want his money and are not genuinely interested in him and helping him. The feeling you have every time you write is always transmitted to the reader. I was browsing LinkedIn one day and came across a person who wrote a “review” of a product. The author’s feeling could be clearly read between the lines: He himself did not believe in the product at all. Instead, when C Phone Number I browsed his profile more, I found other reviews there that showed so clearly that the person was satisfied with the product.

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