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This is because there is no clear goal set for the blog and there is no plan for its implementation. A blog without a goal is like driving a taxi without a clear goal. It might be fun, but at some point the trip gets boring. The goal should be set in such a way that it motivates and does not depress. When the goal is clear, it is easier to draw up a plan. First, the goal should be broken down into smaller sub-goals that are more realistic to see and believe. After that, you have to ask yourself this question: “What steps do I need to take to make this happen?”  up the steps that lead to the sub-goals that before long the sub-goals become the overall goal.

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And that’s how dreams really do come true. ” But I only want to blog as a hobby or as a diary… goal? ” If one day you want to earn income through your blog, then yes. Diary-like and hobby blogs may get a lot of readers, but generating income is really difficult. Usually, these blogs write about everything possible between the earth and the sky. One reader likes one topic and another likes another. If there are 15,000 readers per month and you write about 25 topics, the average number of readers per topic is 600. Out of 600 monthly readers, 2% buy the product you recommend. That means 12 “customers”. And if the commission is 1.50 euros, you have earned a whopping 18 euros per month. You yourself understand that you cannot earn income with these numbers of readers. I income with this strategy, you should have 25 affiliate blog posts every month. But at this point, readers already get bored and leave the blog.

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 Read more: How to write 3 posts in one day 2. Set up a blog directly in WordPress In 2014 I wanted to start blogging without money. In fact, I wanted to show the world that you can build a professional blog WITHOUT money. How wrong I was. If I had to change my Blogger blog to WordPress now, I would pay at least 450 euros for it. If I were to C Phone Number start a blog directly on WordPress.org, I would only pay for the server, which is the cheapest at 3.95 euros per month.

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