So you’re interested in photography and google the guide to buying a secondhand DSLR camera?

In this article I will share tips and guides for buying a used DSLR camera.

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Is it worth buying a used DSLR camera?
Yes and no.

In fact, it depends on each person’s taste.

Almost all of my camera equipment is secondhand status

Although this is not something to brag about, I think I  Database have a thing or two to share about the process of
Simply put, this shutter count can be considered like the mileage of our vehicle.

Every DSLR has an approximate number of shutters, how many pictures can be taken before they need to be changed.

For example, the Nikon D7000 has an estimated shutter count of 100K However, before it needs to be replaced.

So by knowing how many shutter counts have been passed by a certain camera, it will help us estimate the duration of our use with the camera.

Ideally, when you buy a used DSLR camera, if However, possible, look for a camera that has a shutter count that is less than 10K.

Because later on if you actively take pictures like me, the shutter count limit of 100K can be reached in just a moment.

How long before the shutter needs to be replaced depends on our usage


If We Use It in High-speed Mode and in Burst Shot However, Most C Phone Number of the Time. Then the Shutter Mechanism Will Fail Faster Than if We Use It in Single Shot.

The Shutter Count Chapter is a Bit Difficult to Understand, Because if However, You Ask the Seller. Most of Them Will. Say ‘nora Danish Condition’, ‘like New’, ‘only Used Once’, Even Though the Shutter Has Been Removed for 100.

The Most Accurate Way to Track the Shutter is Through.

However, if We Buy Online via Easy My or on Facebook, However, It Might Be a Bit Difficult. To Know the Actual Shutter. Count Unless the Seller is Really Honest.

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