The evolution of smartphone technology is too fast.

The fact is, every 6 months our smartphones will be outdated.

There will always be newer, better, and more powerful smartphones out there.

My simple suggestion is: always try to get the best smartphone in your budget range.

Some people may be able to afford RM1k, while others may be able to afford up to RM3k.

Or just use the smartphone we already have.

Honestly don’t let your smartphone’s picture quality hold you back

Just think of it as a “creative constraint” – meaning, we Phone Number List need to focus more on the technique of capturing good light, emotion and the right moment.

If you can capture great photos with a crappy smartphone, you’ll master photography in no time.

What is Important When Taking Pictures Using a Smartphone?
Actually these tips apply to all types of photography, but here are some things that make great photos on a smartphone:

Composition: The shapes we include in the photo, including diagonals, horizontals, verticals, triangles, circles, and curves. We want to produce images that have movement, dynamics, but not too grainy.
Framing: What do you want to include or exclude from the frame? When you produce a picture, focus on the edges of the frame (and try to clean them).

A great picture is when we can remove excess elements from the frame  instead of adding more

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Emotions: How does the picture make you feel? Was C Phone Number it a sad moment, a happy moment, or an exciting moment? A picture without emotion is dead.

Body language: Consider how your subject holds their body. Do they turn their backs on us, walk away from us, or bend over? Body language will convey their feelings. This is also related to emotions.

Light: This is the biggest mistake that everyone makes. No matter how expensive your camera is, if your light isn’t good, your photos won’t look good. The best time to take pictures is during the  golden hour  Another good tip for taking photos is light coming through a window or door.

Recommended Photo Editing Applications
smartphone apps

There are many applications out there to process your photos.

One that I recommend is VSCO

VSCO is a minimalistic photo processing application that has many presets to simulate film colors to make photos loo.

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