Found in breviary of rot, the first book written in french, a language that from then on – and as a product of a mandate that suddenly came upon him, with the force of a mystical revelation – cioran would adopt forever. The lines transcrib here are found on page 110 of the 2001 ition of punto de lectura. I consider this passage a perfect expression of what he would. Work Teams Would call (with philosophical pomp, again) a metaphysics of defeat. Suffering (in all its forms: whether subtle and almost painless, but crushing; whether frontal and lancinating, extreme in its inexplicable cruelty) is indicat in advance; there is nothing to do if you are mark, if the stigma of existential shipwreck is already tattoo. Terrible.

Beings from the Simple Fact

I had the complete passage attach to the door of my room, when cioran’s books were already becoming objects of obsessive reading. Inevitably, that passage was the first thing i read every morning. A good dose of catastrophism to start the day with lucid disappointment. Truman capote. «i am an alcoholic. I’m a drug addict. I am gay. I am a genius”. Florilegio on the move business lead against the digital tide i think i read these disturbing lines, quite some time ago, in a sunday supplement of some newspaper, in an article about this outstanding american writer, who is usually consider part of that batch of novelists who gave life to that literary subgenre to which it became known as “southern gothic.” yes, i was shock by my self-image: terrible and degrading;

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Also overflowing with justifiable vanity (capote was a creator of singular talent, without a doubt). One day i discover this passage in its original source: music for chameleons. It was part of an unclassifiable text: it is a conversation start by two conjoin twins. Work Teams Would who are designat by the same acronym: tc (truman capote?; the question, of course, is rhetorical), and who develop a conversation in which the C Phone Number sarcasm. Lasciviousness and insidious and sharp reflection are combin . It must be said – masterfully. The title was publish by anagrama. Year 2015. Pages 281 and 282. Albert camus. “the absurd man is the lucid reason that confirms his limits.” florilegio on the move against the digital tide you will find this quote in

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