The myth of sisyphus, a set of essays that revolves around the question of the meaning of existence and the impossibility of discovering it through cold reason. The first of these essays addresses the problem of suicide and its relationship with the radical question about whether life is worth living. Alianza itorial and losada, together, publish the book in 1985. Those lines are found on page 68. Camus is another thinker of the ineluctable failure of life (i say this thinking about the quote from sabato, above). Reason surrenders its weapons to the essential questions of life. You can’t answer them. Why is there being and not rather nothing? Does the world have an origin? And if so, isn’t it coherent to ask what was there before? Nothing? What a guess. In the face of death – the capital absurdity, the capital nothingness,

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Ludwig wittgenstein. “philosophy is a fight against the spell of our understanding through our language.” florilegio on the move against the digital tide brief, lucid and forceful apothegm, which gives an account of the very unique conception that this brilliant austrian had about philosophy, that suppos knowlge of ancient history. Philosophy is not, as tradition has maintain since the pre-socratics, knowlge, much less paradigmatic knowlge made up of fundamental business database principles and perennial truths. That’s what wittgenstein thinks. Philosophy attacks problems that have been woven with the deceptive warp of a language of apparent depth. The great truths, the ultimate principles, the immovable foundations that have been postulat for centuries are just mirages.

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Let’s say that philosophy is struggling in a fight with itself, it is biting its own tail; she seeks that which does not exist except in language itself, that majestically empty language that she herself has creat. It’s like looking in the mirror and not realizing that what we have in front of us is the image of ourselves. Brilliant work:philosophical investigations ,bilingual ition made by itorial crítica, page 123. I must say: i have it photocopi. Not only. To make matters worse: on one occasion, realizing that most of the C Phone Number philosophy books i have are photocopies (unlike those on literature: none are photocopi; although i keep, with some discomfort, three or four pirat itions), i left that this suspicion arose in the form of an insidious question:

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