With a smartphone, it will always be with us (either in a pocket or a bag).

So we have no excuse not to take pictures.

How do I know all this?

In the past, when I only depended on DSLR cameras, I always missed a lot of interesting moments because I would often leave the camera at home or it was lying around in a bag.

Furthermore, to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer is a laborious process.

We also need additional editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom to polish our photos.

That does not include the learning curve that is difficult to master using

So using a smartphone is MUCH EASIER to take Whatsapp Mobile Number List pictures, edit them with apps and then share them with our friends and family.

Indeed, all of the above are important, but the more I learn about photography, what I can conclude is:

— Great photos are more about composition, light and emotion.

Nowadays, most smartphones can produce amazing photos.

It is true that our pictures are still not comparable to expensive DSLR cameras, but the quality is acceptable.

A sharp photo does not always mean a good photo But a good picture will often radiate emotion

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Advantages of Smartphones for Photography
If we want to be creative every day with C Phone Number photography, we must “optimize” the size and weight of our cameras.

It is better to have a small camera (we can take it wherever we go) even with a little less image quality..

Either to document meaningful personal moments, or to capture something beautiful (and can share with others), or as one of the branches of “art.”

Before we decide how we can produce good photos, we need to know why we want to take photos:Or we want to share the beautiful moments of our daily life with others, to motivate, or inspire?
There is no right or wrong answer here.

But please think deeply about this question before we proceed.

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