Such algorithms are likely to become ubiquitous, having a strong presence in our lives, darlington concludes. Thousands, hundrs of thousands, probably millions and perhaps billions of memes, statuses, documents, photos, videos, etc., circulate daily through social networks. Shakes peare, but this passage, next to the quite widespread “to be or not to be, that is the question”, from hamlet , and that other one that appears in the tempest , “we are form of the same matter as dreams. And a dream surrounds our brief life,” are among those that have shaken me, i would say, violently. One more character (in this case, an ambitious and mean english soldier) who proclaims the absurd condition of existence, and, even more, that this would not be anything other than what i once heard one of my san marco professors say bitterly.

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In the middle of a philosophy class: a great cosmic joke. Shaking chills. The quote, which i extract from macbethin addition, it provid inspiration to the pratory hegemony of the technological powers. The pratory wars in search of energy security for the opulent north and the brutal cultural clash between east and west. , Not only from the wholesale offer that the b2b email list internet offers), gleaning some passages that i have record, after a few years of reading, and in relation to which, naturally, i can attest to their real origin. William faulkner, who titl one of his most dazzling novels, precisely, the sound and the fury . This passage is found in a bilingual penguin random house ition, from 2015, on page 161. I must add that, even though i am not fluent in english, much less the art of translation,

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life’s but a tale told by an idiot, full of sound of fury, meaning nothing.” mario benetti. “a pessimist / he is just an optimist / well-inform.” florilegio on the move against the digital tide it is locat in rincón de haikus; they are the verses sign with the number 213. Not only The ition i read was the one publish by the sudamericana publishing house, in 2000. These short verses are found on C Phone Number page 225. On one occasion someone told me, after reading this passage: «a an optimist is an optimist, and a pessimist is a pessimist. Not only Information is another matter. This lapidary binary logic – which takes pleasure in an empty tautology; « logic does not calm the restlessness of the heart», as.

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