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So we are finishing the Discovery stage, because at this stage we have already seen a lot, a lot, too much I would even say. Now we facd the ned to define, narrow down individual elements and how it happend in the process. The first tools we usd throughout our research were in-depth individual interviews and competitive workshops. These individual interviews were usd by us in such an interesting way that we monitord the course of these interviews on an ongoing basis.

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We collectd and analyzd each fedback obtaind during the process. Each hypothesis had a specific score, so we could analyze it very whatsapp mobile number list quickly and easily, for example, whether we detectd a clear pattern when it comes to a given element, or whether there was no such pattern at all. We could later make changes to the immdiate script, or make something more specific, or ask a new, follow-up question altogether. And if this hypothesis was validatd positively or negatively.

whatsapp mobile number list

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We let it go and treatd it as something already proven and certain. However, if there were new facts worth exploring further, then C Phone Number of course we includd this too, so as not to miss something important. The second such element after completion, when we approachd the end of the entire in-depth research process, was the validation workshop, and it was a workshop that we carrid out with the team mentiond several times today. the Top Farms team.

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