Start and consider creating a clear checklist to make sure everything shar online is compliant with copyright law. Describe the consequences of breaking the social mia policy. The grand conclusion of your social mia policy magnum opus? A clear description of the discipline process if someone fails to comply with the policy. What happens if someone doesn’t follow these guidelines? As important as it is to be clear. It’s also critical to be consistent. Playing favorites or picking and choosing who to discipline is a recipe for bad corporate culture. Or worse. A pr disaster when someone goes public with what they view as unfair treatment.

Protect Yourself from Legal

Social mia changes fast. Which means your social mia policy should be regularly review to make sure it’s keeping up the pace. Include in your social mia policy how frequently reviews will happen once a year? Quarterly? To ensure expectations are always and accurate. Ready to start your own social mia policy?

Get start with our free template. Sometimes there’s nothing business lead like a example to get things going. Here are some great ones to model when creating your own social mia policy. Bonus. Get a free. Customizable social mia policy template to quickly and easily create guidelines for your company and employees.

Clarify Employees Social Media Responsibilities

Governments aren’t always known for being on top of things like technology. But we’ve gotta say. We’re impress with how interactive and accessible the b.c. Government has made its social mia policy. The website is ultra clear and easy to read and navigate. Even featuring potential scenarios  this use.

University has a thorough social mia policy that is C Phone Number available online. With links to other relevant documents embd throughout such as a link to an application for an official tufts social mia account. This social mia policy also incorporates accessibility recommendations. If this is something that’s important to your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. You may wish to include these details as well.

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