Your social mia policy should clarify who nes to be involv in every post. If there are people who ne to approve content before it goes live. Their contact info nes to live in the social mia policy document. Even if your company isn’t on social mia. Your employees definitely are. Including a section in your social mia policy about appropriate behavior on personal social mia accounts is important. Of course you can’t dictate what people can and can’t say when they’re off the clock a lesson the bbc is learning the hard way as employees have kick up a fuss about the news organization’s ban on virtue signaling. But businesses are within their rights to set ground.rules regarding work.relat content. For example.

Social Media Policy Template

Is it all right if employees include company info in their social mia bios. Or is that potentially problematic? Are employees permitt to share photos from the worksite on their social accounts? What about photos of themselves in their company uniform? Make a decision about where the line is. And then stick to it for employees at all levels.

Consider this the in case of emergency section business email list of your social mia policy. When everything goes wrong. How do you plan to make it right? If you ne some inspiration for crafting your perfect pr solution. Check out this post on tips for managing a social mia pr disaster. Despite what meme culture would have you believe.

Encourage Your Employees

Copyright law is alive and well. While some random kid on twitter probably doesn’t have to worry about disney coming after him for posting a photoshop image of simba. As an organization. You’ll want to steer clear of any potential legal issues. A british makeup brand found itself in court last winter when warner music so it for using unauthorize songs in instagram and tiktok videos.

Iconic london still is using commercial songs in C Phone Number its instagram videos and while we can’t confirm if they paid to license these ones. We can confirm they’re bops. Familiarize your team with common copyright issues here’s a primer on image copyright to get you.

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