In addition to attracting new talent and promoting constant training. Learn About Human Resources professionals have another fundamental task: creating strategies for the growth and optimization of the company. And this is possible thanks to competency management techniques. We prepare valuable information about this work methodology and its importance in companies. This type of organizational management seeks to align the talents and skills of the collaborators with the vision and objective of the company, starting from the idea of ​​identifying the perfect profile of the collaborator for a specific position and, based on this, creating a dynamic of recruitment and training.

Learn About A New Management Model That Values ​​the Individual

We already explained that email database management by competencies. Allows us to identify the capabilities of the people required in each job, facilitating the implementation of a new management style that manages human talent in a comprehensive and more effective way . That is why some authors affirm that the concept of competition emerged as a new way to resolve the demands of an organization, seeking to maximize its competitive advantages through its collaborators. Likewise, the competency model emerges as a new management modality. Whose primary objective is to guarantee that the people assigned to the different activities are the most suitable for that function .

What Are the Characteristics of Management by Competence

It is essential to know some C Phone Number elements that characterize. This management model, since only then is it. Possible to have a broad vision of how this methodology works. This model is considered by many to be the most transparent. Since each employee is aware of the skills and abilities that the company expects of them. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to show what the. Responsibilities of each team member are, creating a complete description of the function. Another essential element of the competition management model is justice.

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