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An interactive quiz is an interactive content format that engages. How to The customer by helping them in some way and, indirectly, by showing them products or services. As long as we use it in the correct context within a marketing strategy, this resource is ideal for generating more leads, more conversions and more loyalty. Just remember the behavioral quizzes that are so common in magazines and websites, or the immense success of the BuzzFeed website, full of culture and entertainment quizzes.

How to is an Interactive Quiz

It is a type of material in which, by answering email contact list some questions, the user is able to obtain a result they were looking for. This final result is generated by calculating and classifying the interactions that the user had with the questions. Thus, the user can discover a little more about their way of being or their knowledge on any topic. The quiz is a format that is already interactive, since each final answer depends on the interaction of the reader. However, its interactivity was limited, since for a long time it was used statically, printed in newspapers and magazines.v

What Are the Benefits of Using Them in a Marketing Strategy

In addition to showing us the opinion C Phone Number or level of knowledge of our audience on a certain topic. The interactive questionnaire generates a series. Of benefits for those who decide to implement it. The first benefit is the potential for virilization on social networks . BuzzFeed’s interactive quizzes which we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Are shared millions of times on Facebook. In January 2014, it managed to reach the 13 million shares mark, in addition to the traffic generated through Instagram Stories , which has been growing exponentially. Another benefit is the increase in audience education, generating more qualified leads .

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