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You can also make it disappear from the results or fall to such a distant position that no one will find it. How is it done? We recommend Here and now, or how to advertise your company on the Internet Deposition methods Deposition methods base on hacker attacks directly on the competitor’s website are the rarest. Let’s say a competitor has 100 well-positione blog articles. A competitor pays someone who removes keywords from them, deletes them or replaces them with content for which Google can quickly penalize you with “dropping” from the search results list.

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Such methods would be quite risky. In addition, they only target one competitor who would surely repay you with a similar campaign. Therefore, this type of deposition is practically unheard of. More popular are activities that strengthen one page, and thus Latest Mailing Database lead to the decline of the other in search results. They are completely legal because you run your own site, not what your competitors do. For example, you can check the length and saturation with key phrases of a competitor’s article that is in the first place in the search results. A very popular strategy is to create a more comprehensive topic of text with even more length.

Latest Mailing Database

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Before you know it, your competitor will be behind you in the search results. There are also actions to hit the competition with the help C Phone Number of external sites. For example, you can create a copy of content from a competitor’s blog. Search engines give a low rating to duplication of content, and thanks to such a simple trick, your rival can get punishe and disappear from the search results. Another idea is to create poor quality links to your competitor’s website. Backlinks from truste sources build a site’s position and reputation. Links from dubious sources (porn sites, online casinos, poor quality facilities) have the opposite effect.

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