fter weeks of speculation over who was going to participate, eight Republican candidates seeking their party’s presidential nomination appeared on stage together in Milwaukee on Aug. 23, 2023, for the first debate of the 2024 election season.

Lest this sound like a normal Event

But that may have been a benefit  Albania WhatsApp Number List to the debaters, who were able to spend their time talking about issues and not simply fighting off attacks by Trump.

The Conversation U.S. asked three experts – foreign policy scholar Jordan Tama from American University, Michigan State law professor Brian Kalt and Arizona State historian Calvin Schermerhorn – to watch, listen and analyze the debate. Here are their contributions:

Speaking about race in code Calvin Schermerhorn Arizona State University

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At a time when the Republican Party is struggling to gain the support of minority voters, their first debate featured a chorus of dog whistling on issues of race.

In response to a question about rising urban crime rates, biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy whistled the loudest.


Desantis Has Partially Built His Brand on Clamping Down on. School Curricula Around Race and Racism.
Haley, Ramaswamy and Tim Scott of South Carolina. Stood Shoulder to Shoulder With the Five White Men on Stage Each Claiming to Have cphonenumber Boot-strapped Their Way Up. Yet, in This Historically Diverse Field of Republican Candidates, There Was Not a Diversity of Views Regarding Race.
Scott Mentioned Repeatedly . That He Was Raised in a Single-parent Home and Touted the Trump-pence Administration’s Low. Unemployment Rate for Black and Hispanic Workers.
Yet Scott Didn’t Deviate From the Conservative Scrip.t That Government Aid Hurts Families and Vowed to “break the Backs of the Teachers’ Unions.”Two people arguing at podiums and pointing at each other.

Republican presidential candidates, Vivek Ramaswamy (L) and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, had a sharp exchange over U.S. foreign policy during the debate. Win McNamee/Getty Images
Candidates spar over funding the Ukraine war
Jordan Tama, American University School of International Service


DeSantis said that he would make U.S. aid to Ukraine contingent on European countries providing more funding. A win for Russia is a win for China,” Haley said.

This quick exchange captured Republican politicians’ core differences on fundamental foreign policy issues. Will the Republican Party – and possibly, the U.S. – stand for international engagem

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