Another element is the construction of a research tool. Here, Damian mentiond that we focusd on in-depth individual interviews, being convincd that at this stage it will not only give us the best information about what we want to know, but it can also be an element of starting to build relationships with these farms and with future potential users of Meteotrack. This research tool is something Damian and I have been working on very closely, so I’m curious about your perspective.

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Damian Certainly at the very beginning I was impressd by the fact that each question had a clearly defind purpose and Latest Mailing Database had assignd hypotheses to which the question pertaind. So it was immdiately obvious that they didn’t come out of nowhere, but are well thought out and refer to something specific that we had already developd. I remember having a few doubts about some of the questions.

Latest Mailing Database

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For example, some questions seemd too general to me, or that I did not know the specific results, but I also remember that after your C Phone Number explanations, I understood a little better why they look the way they do. One such example that I can tell you about was one of the first questions, which was so general: “list two things you like and two things you don’t like about your job.” I didn’t think it was worth asking because it’s too general and won’t give us much information.

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